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Have a troublesome tree that needs to be removed from your residence or business property? Contact the Chesterfield tree removal team at Great Lakes Landscaping. Serving clients throughout many surrouding areas including Shelby Township, Macomb, Rochester, Troy and more.

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Despite trees being one of Earth’s greatest gifts, at times they can create potentially dangerous situations on your property. Lack of maintenance can lead to grossly overgrown trees that drastically reduce the curb appeal of your property and clutter your outdoor space with dead branches, twigs and other debris. Overgrown trees can also grow into the space near your home or other structures on your property, and due to this potentially causing problems, removing trees is sometimes necessary. 

Do you have a problem tree that needs to be removed? Or do you have tree branches that have been left undone for too long and now require climbing to new heights to take care of them? Our Chesterfield tree service team is here to take on the task, call (586) 210-0803 or fill out our quote request form today to get a quote for safely removing trees from your property.

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By its very nature, tree removal is not an easy task. It requires forethought, know-how, time and the right equipment. We posses the expertise of safely and successfully removing trees, including removing standing trees and trees that have previously fallen during a high wind event or storm. 

We are often asked several questions regarding tree removal projects. One of the most commonly asked is the timeline to completely remove a tree, its branches and additional debris. Most projects are completed in less than a day. This is dependent on the tree species, its size and proximity to buildings. The process to cut down a mature oak in an open property that is easily accessible with tree removal equipment will be a quicker process than a 90′ tall pine in a residential area with houses nearby. 

Our crews are highly-trained for all types of tree removal projects in Chesterfield and surrounding areas including Macomb and Shelby Township, get in touch today to schedule an assessment of your next tree removal project. We also offer stump grinding and removal services!

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