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Sprinkler Blowout & Start Up

Start your irrigation system the proper way in the spring and prevent it from freezing with our professional irrigation services for residential and commercial clients in Chesterfield, Macomb, Shelby Township, Rochester, Troy and surrounding areas.

Professional Sprinkler Winterization in Chesterfield & Beyond

As autumn arrives and winter draws near in southeast Michigan, the temperatures begin to drop and this eventually leads to the ground freezing. Before the ground freezes, your underground lawn irrigation system must be winterized (commonly referred to as a blowout) to prevent damage to the irrigation system. Failing to remove the water from the system will cause the water to freeze, expand and likely lead to sprinkler pipes, heads, valves and back-flow preventers cracking or rupturing, which leads to expensive repairs in the future. Our Chesterfield-based irrigation blowout professionals are equipped with industrial grade air compressors which apply the perfect amount of pressure into your system to effectively remove the water from your entire system. 

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Residential & Commercial Irrigation Start Up

One of the best ways to ensure your lawn stays green throughout the growing season is to have your lawn sprinkler system optimized in early spring with our spring start up services.

This includes performing a visual inspection of your system, engaging the system by turning the water flow on and running the system through each zone, making adjustments to sprinkler heads as needed, and lastly, programming the controller to ensure the watering duration is the ideal amount of time.

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