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Retaining Walls

Prevent erosion while improving aesthetics with help from the experts at Great Lakes Landscaping, a top-tier retaining wall installer based in Chesterfield, MI serving residential and commercial clients throughout the area including Macomb Township, Shelby Township, Harrison Township, Grosse Pointe, Troy, Rochester and many more.

Retaining Wall Installation Chesterfield, MI & Beyond

A retaining wall serves as a practical way to hold back the earth and is a beautiful addition to just about any property. The expert team at Great Lakes Landscaping can work with you to effectively design and construct the perfect retaining wall that will function for years to come, while providing a degree of uniqueness to boost curb appeal.

With a professionally designed and built block or boulder wall, we will be able to create more usable space on your property by leveling slopes to create a flat lawn that’s safer for kids to play, a picturesque location to build a patio and outdoor kitchen, or install raised gardens. A custom boulder or block retaining wall also brings function in the form of preventing erosion and ensuring proper drainage.

To get started with your next retaining wall in Chesterfield or surrounding community, give us a call at (586) 210-0803 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

Block Wall Construction

Segmented walls utilize blocks are built from concrete block that interlock together, or use pins/adhesive to bond together and create a strong structure that resists substantial loads. The design of manufactured wall block is durable enough for most projects regardless of the soil type in the worksite. Retaining wall block is a great way to create a more functional outdoor space since there are countless colors, patterns, sizes and textures that can be used.

Another advantage to walls built from block is the ability for customization. Whether you wish to have a curved wall to match the angles of your planting beds, or square edges to create raised gardens, with a wide selection of retaining wall block available on the market there is something to appeal to everyone’s aesthetic preferences.

To learn more about our block wall building process or get started with your next project, call us at (586) 210-0803 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

Boulder Walls

Boulder walls serve as a very practical and cost-effective way to retain soil on a sloped property. Created by stacking large boulders, these walls can handle significant loads but may appeal to only those who prefer a more natural look with their curb appeal. They can complement the exterior of your home or business while bringing out the color of the mulch, shrubs and trees in your landscape.

Custom Steps

What better way to navigate the sloped areas safely while having your property look truly amazing than with installing custom steps made from block or natural stone. At Great Lakes Landscaping, our team is well-versed in creating walkways that lead to and from steps that help you, your family and guests get from one location on your property to another without worrying about tripping hazards or walking up/down steep slopes. We build steps varying in height and length using block or natural stone products.

The idea of building a wall or custom steps may appear simple and straightforward, but proper wall construction requires precise planning and is one of the most labor-intensive landscape projects one could take on. Let our team do the heavy lifting, get started with your next project by giving us a call today at (586) 210-0803 or filling out our online form to request a quote.

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